Saturday, August 4, 2018

Execute... And Burn In Hell

Pope's Death Penalty Ban Won't Stop Nebraska Execution, Catholic Governor Says:

When Nebraska lawmakers defied Gov. Pete Ricketts in 2015 by repealing the death penalty over his strong objections, the governor wouldn’t let the matter go. Mr. Ricketts, a Republican who is Roman Catholic, tapped his family fortune to help bankroll a referendum to reinstate capital punishment, a measure the state’s Catholic leadership vehemently opposed.
After a contentious and emotional battle across this deep-red state, voters restored the death penalty the following year. Later this month, Nebraska is scheduled to execute Carey Dean Moore, who was convicted of murder, in what would be the state’s first execution in 21 years.
The prospect has renewed a tense debate in a state that has wrestled with the moral and financial implications of the death penalty for years, even before the 2015 attempt to abolish it. Protesters have been holding daily vigils outside the governor’s mansion to oppose Mr. Moore’s execution.
Complicating matters, Pope Francis this week declared that executions are unacceptable in all cases, a shift from earlier church doctrine that had accepted the death penalty if it was “the only practicable way” to defend lives. Coming only days before the scheduled Aug. 14 execution here, the pope’s stance seemed to create an awkward position for Mr. Ricketts, who is favored to win a bid for re-election this fall.
Ricketts is the same clown I wrote about back in 2015 when, over the will of the duly elected representatives of his state, he footed the bill for and rammed through an unconstitutional referendum on the death penalty that managed to bring it back.  

And now clowny is having to rectify his zest for killing with the Church's admonition that executions are wrong in all circumstances (an announcement, btw, that caught the world by surprise, including this writer).
Mr. Ricketts, who in the past has said that he viewed his position on the death penalty as compatible with Catholicism, on Thursday issued a statement about the pope’s declaration.
“While I respect the pope’s perspective, capital punishment remains the will of the people and the law of the state of Nebraska,” Mr. Ricketts’s statement said. “It is an important tool to protect our corrections officers and public safety. The state continues to carry out the sentences ordered by the court.”
LOL. Of course it has nothing to do with public safety or corrections officer's safety. In fact, death rows and working there is more of a danger to correctional officer safety than regular maximum security facilities. 

But facts don't matter when you start mixing faith and politics while ignoring the people's wish and desire to get rid of the death penalty.
While 31 states still have death penalty statutes, only 10, including Texas, Ohio and Florida, have carried out executions since 2014, according to the center. During the past decade, several states have placed moratoriums on capital punishment or abolished it altogether. The most recent was Delaware, which banned the death penalty in 2016.
“No one’s happy a man’s life is going to be taken,” said Michael Fischer, 35, a Republican and a financial planner in Omaha who, like many along the streets here, said he supported capital punishment. “But if you take the death penalty off the books, the fear is there won’t be strong discouragement for people to commit crimes.”
Even though crime is at an historic low in states without the death penalty, not to mention the rest of the civilized world which long ago got rid of it.

But old times in Nebraska ain't forgotten, etc. And another guy will perish needlessly while the trend continues to abolish the death penalty.

I will say, however, that the Pope's anti-death penalty order is a helluva twist (forgive me father) in the debate. For decades now, Catholic pols, largely of a Republican nature, have tried to jump over the "pro-life" conundrum of being anti-abortion and pro-death penalty with a lot of mental gymnastics and gobbledygook. How many of them will follow the Church's teachings on this remains unknown, but at least this latest order puts the Church in a consistent pro-life track now. 

And it puts those pro-dp Catholic politicians in an existential conundrum regarding faith and eternity

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