Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Today In Stupid

Been in a lull around here lately. I should be writing about sexual harassment, politics, Hollywood, the outrage-industrial complex, pretty much anything serious. But instead, these two stories will have to suffice.

First, parents angry (angry!) at college administrators because they banned alcohol at fraternities and sororities, and that's "ruining their child's" college experience.

Mr. Thrasher, during an interview at The Chronicle’s offices on Monday, said he had heard from other parents who were not as supportive, some of whom had told him that "you’ve ruined my so-and-so’s cultural life."

That sort of backlash, which is sometimes acknowledged privately by college leaders, points toward the role that parents may play in acquiescing in or even encouraging high-risk drinking by students.
Mr. Coffey’s death came at the start of Parents Weekend at Florida State, when students’ families are invited to the campus. At one point during his presidency, Mr. Thrasher said, he was appalled to see parents drinking to excess at a local bar with students, some of whom appeared underage.
"They were doing shots," he recalled. "They were doing the whole deal. I was flabbergasted by that."
Can you imagine being so stupid, so brain-dead as a parent, that you would bitch out your son or daughter's college leaders for banning alcohol at parties? Worse, can you imagine being so idiotic that you go to a parent's weekend and start doing shots with undergraduates, including maybe your own kid, out at bars?

It makes you wonder how junior ever got into a decent school with parents as dumb as this (although the school in question is Florida State, LOL).

Speaking of dumb, THIS GUY:
Police said Dwayne Pope told them he had only three shots of champagne before he was pulled over Sunday after a chase that reached speeds of 155 mph.
But when he stepped out of his car, Alpharetta police saw a man with bloodshot, watery and glassy eyes, according to a police report.
C'mon man. Three shots or three BOTTLES?
An Alpharetta officer was traveling southbound on Ga. 400 near Mansell Road about 3 a.m. when Pope’s car flew past her at more than 105 mph, according to the report. The speed limit for that highway is 65 mph.
LOL. Can you imagine the officer's reaction? What the what?

The officer followed Pope past the Mansell Road exit, activated her emergency lights and siren and attempted to pull Pope over. 
It didn’t work. 
Pope eventually reached 155 mph and was weaving in and out of traffic and braked several times without stopping, according to the report. 
Out of nowhere, police said Pope braked abruptly near the Northridge Road exit and went from 150 to 0 mph in a matter of seconds. 
Pope, who police said smelled of alcohol, told the officer he hadn’t heard the sirens or seen the blue lights.
I guess if you're driving 155mph, you probably don't see or hear much of anything.

It's amazing dude could reach those top speeds being that drunk, as opposed to comatose or whatever. But hey, you do you bro.

Thankfully he didn't kill anyone, but I'll bet he woke up with a whopper of a hangover, and looking  back at him in the mirror is all kinds of jail time + fines.

Moral of the story? Freixenet is not your friend.

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