Thursday, September 21, 2017

Big Pharma, Big Medicine, Tiny Deaths

The Pills Are In Children Everywhere:

When Penny Mae Cormani died in Utah, her family sang Mormon hymns — “Be Still My Soul” — and lowered her small coffin into the earth. The latest victim of a drug epidemic that is now taking 60,000 lives a year, Penny was just 1.
Increasingly, parents and the police are encountering toddlers and young children unconscious or dead after consuming an adult’s opioids.
Eighty-seven children died of opioid intoxication in 2015, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, up from just 16 in 1999. By comparison, gunshot wounds kill four or five times as many children each year.
Er...let's pause on that mind-numbing statistic for a moment as well, shall we? How sick of a culture is this in America when your benchmark for child-related deaths is "Hey, preschoolers OD'ing on heroin sucks, but at least it ain't like the number of toddlers coming in with gunshot wounds."
But at hospitals like Primary Children’s in Utah, drug overdoses now outstrip gun injuries among young people.
“There are no pill parties happening in preschools,” said Dr. Jennifer Plumb, the emergency doctor who recently treated four opioid-sick toddlers in a night. “These kids aren’t making a choice because they are trying to get high on a substance. It’s that the pills are everywhere.”
Unlike infants born with addiction, these children are coming across heroin and other drugs in the days and years after birth.
The knee-jerk reaction, of course, is to blame the parents/caretakers for allowing the children to stumble upon the opioids or heroin needles and charge them with manslaughter or worse.

But the people who should really be going to prison in this country are the Big Pharma executives and their MD's (i.e. the drug cartels and their pimps) for unleashing this terrifying plague on America. If anything else were killing 60,000 people a year, we'd be at "war" with it and its causes, and locking up people left and right.

Because we chalk up drug addiction and overdosing in individual terms, and blame the person for their own "moral" failings, we lose sight of the true criminals here, in this case the corporate and professional drug dealers and pushers in this country.

You want to stop this opioid/heroin rampage of death in this country? And allow 200+ toddlers and infants to live each year? Send the medical doctors, pharmaceutical reps, Big Pharma CEO's and their employees to the freaking Big House, right alongside the other street pushers and dealers, diddlers and murders. 

Think that's hyperbole? You'd be amazed at how facing a prison sentence concentrates the mind.

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