Tuesday, May 10, 2016

TODD Talks

John Oliver did a great bit on all the junk science out there and how, as I lecture my students every semester, it's up to you (us) to be skeptical about what you are hearing, who does these studies, and where the funding comes from. And just because it's "on t.v." or "on the interwebs" doesn't mean it's true.

But watch till the end, especially around 16 minutes or so when he says they have a new TED Talks channel for the scientifically impaired, called TODD Talks. Not exactly the way I envisioned my namesake channel (really, TODD Talks are every lecture I've ever given), but hilarious nonetheless.

I love the fact that he also disses the TED Talks phenomenon in general, which so many people fall all over themselves over swearing by, but which oftentimes are just unscientific snake oil salesmen pedaling pop psych, self-help crap.

Oh, and repeat after me ten times: correlation does not equal causation!

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