Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Executions Continue to Decline

Lowest levels since 1991:

Executions in the United States in 2015 fell to their lowest number in nearly 25 years, and new death sentences imposed by courts declined to levels not seen since the early 1970s, according to a report released Wednesday.

The annual survey by the Death Penalty Information Center recorded 28 executions this year, the fewest since 1991, when there were 14.

“The numbers are consistent with a long-term trend in which public support for the death penalty is dropping, the number of executions is dropping and the number of death penalties imposed is dropping,” said Robert Dunham, the center’s executive director.
Except in Georgia:
The death penalty survey found that the 28 people executed in 2015 were seven fewer than were put to death in 2014. Only six states carried out executions this year — led by 13 in Texas, which frequently has the nation’s most executions; six in Missouri; and five in Georgia.
I believe anecdotally it was a backlog of old cases and exhausted appeals that contributed to the mad rush of whackings here in Georgia. But as usual (and thankfully) we weren't anywhere Texas numbers.

Nonetheless, excepting a handful of states still clinging to 19th century ideas of "justice," it continues the downward spiral of death sentences and executions in the U.S. overall, even and in spite of the consternation it causes among pro-death penalty bloggers

Which in itself is kind of delicious and fun to watch.

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