Sunday, June 14, 2015

Bail/Bond: The Extortion Racket

Yesterday I mentioned in my post on Broken Windows what a racket Bail/Bond has become in the U.S., extorting from the poor and working classes and providing nothing in return. Then a loyal reader sent me a link to John Oliver's show, where he takes down the entire Bail/Bond system in about 17 minutes.

Awesome. Watch to the the end because his vivisection of entertainment "reality" t.v. shows, which glorify clowns like "Dog: the Bounty Hunter" and other toothless vigilantes, is spot on. It's these kinds of shows that help perpetuate the broken bail/bond system.

Personally I can't wait to watch, coming this fall to A&E Network, "PreTrial Services: It's Cost Effective, Motherf*#!ker." Ha ha ha....

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