Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Breaking: Teachers Going to Prison as Trial of Century Concludes

Teachers found guilty of changing scantron bubbles will go to prison:

In a major victory for prosecutors, a number of Atlanta educators were found guilty on Wednesday for their roles in public schools cheating scandal, bringing a close to a half-decade drama that tarnished a major school district’s reputation and raised questions nationwide about the wisdom of pushing educators to improve students’ standardized test scores.

Eleven of the former educators were convicted of racketeering charges, in a decision announced in a Georgia courtroom. Only one of the 12 educators on trial was acquitted of the racketeering charge; verdicts on the theft and false statements charges were mixed.
I guess "school as a pipeline to prison" doesn't apply just to students anymore.

Breathless (Live!) coverage from the Weekly Reader:
Several defense attorneys said they were surprised Baxter ordered their clients immediately taken into custody. Dramatic images of prison transport bus being escorted by police from courthouse w/ convicted educators in tow.

"I don’t like to send nobody to jail, but they have made their bed and they have to lie in it, and it starts today.” - Judge Baxter.
Ha ha ha...damn straight.

One small step for justice, one giant leap in readership for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

I don't know about you, but I'm certainly going to sleep better tonight knowing these vicious predators are off the streets, away from our scantron forms and testing machines, and behind bars.

[sidebar: the irony of this verdict arriving on April Fools Day is not lost, trust me]

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