Monday, July 21, 2014

Big Brother (With Benefits)

File this under: what a shocker.

NSA Gathered and Shared Sexually Explicit Photos:

The former National Security Agency contractor Edward J. Snowden said in a wide-ranging interview published on Sunday that the oversight of surveillance programs was so weak that members of the United States military working at the spy agency sometimes shared sexually explicit photos they intercepted.

In the interview, Mr. Snowden said that some of the American military personnel working on agency programs were between the ages of 18 and 22 and did not always respect the privacy of those whose communications were intercepted.

“In the course of their daily work they stumble across something that is completely unrelated to their work, for example an intimate nude photo of someone in a sexually compromising situation but they’re extremely attractive,” he said. “So what do they do? They turn around in their chair and they show a co-worker. And their co-worker says: ‘Oh, hey, that’s great. Send that to Bill down the way.’ ”

Mr. Snowden said that type of sharing occurred once every couple of months and was “seen as the fringe benefits of surveillance positions.” He said that this was never reported and that the system for auditing surveillance programs was “incredibly weak.”
Of course, we've known the NSA is a bunch of young guys in their 20's who were surfing porn sites under the guise of "national security." But this story confirms the Animal House-like behavior,   misogynistic treatment of women, and the overall dangers of employing "useless hacks" to spy on the American public "for their own shits and giggles."

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