Monday, August 5, 2013

The "White Criminal Culture"

This may be one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time.

As David Carr points out in the NYT, this kind of parody is usually only seen on Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert. To watch an actual MSNBC show and host mock itself is both refreshing and obviously troubling.

Following the shameful verdict in the Trayvon Martin case in Florida, cable news outlets were filled with angry white men discussing what "we" can do about the "black criminal culture" that is "so obvious" but that "no one will talk about." Not only does the video parody this kind of knuckle-dragging thinking, it also changes labels and throws Wall Street crime under the same banner as "white" street crime.

That so many people watch cable news shows and assume what they're hearing is the truth is not surprising. News (and reality, for that matter) has atomized along racial, ideological and political lines. If you're liberal and Democratic, you go here, if you're conservative and Republican you go there. If you're white, you watch this, if you're black you watch that. You get to hear exactly what you want, confirming every prejudice you already have, without any shred of disagreement in the process.

But are we really that polarized, politically anyway? Worth reading is this latest column ("The Stench From the Potomac") by Frank Rich. From a meta analysis, he explains why the politics in D.C. isn't broken or gridlocked or hopelessly dysfunctional. It is in fact, working extraordinarily well and in harmony, just as Mills envisaged 50 years ago under the rubric "the power-elite."

The larger point being: the appearance of discord keeps the masses distracted. Whites scapegoat blacks, the poor stay at war with the middle class, men are from Mars women are from Venus, ad nauseum.

And while you're pounding your fists, standing your ground, red-faced with "outrage" at this or that group, the power-elite picks your pocket and laughs all the way to bank.


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