Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Guns Don't Kill People

The Mentally Ill, Church Goers, Bar Patrons and Students, However, Will:

A plan to allow Georgians to carry weapons in bars, churches, parts of college campuses and into unsecured government buildings won overwhelming approval in the state House on Thursday, but the legislation already faces serious doubts in the state Senate.

House Bill 512 passed the House 117-56, largely along party lines. During more than an hour of emotional debate, supporters talked about threats from armed criminals; opponents bemoaned the growth of the dangers of firearms in emotional settings such as schools and bars.
That's right, folks. While the rest of the country moves towards tighter gun restrictions in the face of Newtown, Aurora, and other bloody massacres, Georgia is moving towards relaxing gun restrictions. Including, for the mentally ill.

Under HB 512, guns could legally be carried into churches, bars, non-security areas of airports, some government buildings and college campuses, although not into dormitories or athletic events. The proposal would also allow designated administrators in Georgia's K-12 school systems to carry weapons on campus.

The proposal would retain the right of private property owners to exclude or eject those possessing guns.
Also, the bill would allow mental health patients who had voluntarily sought treatment to obtain gun carry licenses. Those involuntarily hospitalized or treated for mental illness would still be prohibited from carrying weapons.
Yee Haw...for now, anyway.

There's the brink of insanity (which means you should be packing heat, according to the Georgia Legislature), and then there is the abyss, which obviously the General Assembly has fallen into on this issue. I'm not sure about anyone else, but I've never felt the need to pack heat at Sunday service nor while out drinking.

In fact, it's an interesting singling out of such establishments, isn't it? Why bars, churches, schools and the airport? Are you supposed to drink Saturday night, shoot people up, pray for forgiveness on Sunday (with heat), hope your kid's principal don't take no lip from anyone on Monday, then head to the airport (armed)? There are literally thousands of other places gun violence can occur as well. Why those?

Let's hope saner voices (so to speak) prevail and this kind of stupid gets reigned in by the state senate. However, you can be assured of one thing: if guns on college campuses get the thumbs up and signed by the governor, there are many instructors who are going to re-think their commitment to higher education.

Including this one.

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