Sunday, June 17, 2012

Watergate: 40 Years Later

June 17, 1972 the four Watergate burglars were caught, beginning the long string of dominoes that led to Richard Nixon's resignation two years later. There are a lot of stories out there commemorating the break in, most towing the standard line put forth by Woodward and Bernstein, who have gravy-trained the events of 40 years ago to very lucrative careers.

There are, however, some alternative takes out there, so here is some required viewing/reading for this Sunday.

James Rosen, author of "The Strong Man" a biography of John Mitchell, gives a much different version of events on C-Span this morning.

The FBI's Watergate files, un-edited and without editorial:

Max Holland on the many inaccuracies and outright lies put forth in the book and movie version "All the President's Men."

Conrad Black on Nixon's ultimate vindication via history.


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