Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Foster Kids & Chemical Shackles

New Study Finds Georgia Foster Kids Over-Medicated:

Thirty-two percent of Georgia foster kids were taking psychotropic medications in 2010. Of those, one in three was also prescribed at least one anti-psychotic drug, and nearly 5 percent received at least four psychotropic medications.
Just as an fyi, that number is significantly higher than the general population of kids, which estimates now put at 20% on some kind of psychotropic medication.

Sometimes, there was no evidence in the case files to justify the prescriptions, said Dr. Brent Wilson, a child psychiatrist who studied the cold case files for the project.

Some children in the study were taking as many as eight different psychotropic medications, Wilson said. Those multiple prescriptions can make it difficult to determine which one is causing an unwanted side-effect, he said, and the lack of reliable medical histories makes it tough for doctors to know whether a drug is still necessary.

Georgia’s foster children are being over-medicated, often to sedate them or control their behavior rather than treat a medical condition, a new study confirms.

The question is: What should Georgia do about it?

Maybe they should tweak the state motto to "Georgia In My Mind."

Here we have the state engaging in the ultimate form of social control (psycho-pharmaceuticals) via the psychiatric-industrial complex. The credo seems to be, let's drug these foster children into a stupor in order to make it easier for foster parents to deal with them.

The study goes on to note that those who fear abruptly cutting off their meds cite "withdrawal" from the medication as being dangerous to the child's health. Quite ironic, isn't it? Let's keep the addiction going, but only for the drugs we say are good for you.

Nonetheless, while I too would caution against a wholesale cut off, the better bet would be to pass legislation making it more difficult for state-sponsored psychiatrists to drug these kids to begin with.

A drug pusher is a drug pusher, whether they're lurking around a playground in an overcoat, or inviting you into their office wearing a lab coat.

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