Monday, February 14, 2011

Smoke Break: Frank Sinatra, "Day In, Day Out"

Two years ago I posted another Sinatra clip on Valentine's Day, asking "How can you not listen to Frank Sinatra for matters of the heart?" In that vein, here is another vintage clip from the 1967 television special "A Man and His Music." If there's a better version of this song in existence, let me know, because this is an absolute classic.

Turn it up loud and swing, baby.


MRMacrum said...

Yeah whatever dude. Sinatra never blew my dress up as a singer. His acting on the other hand - "The Man with the Golden Arm" and "Manchurian Candidate" were two of the films that deeply affected my young punk ass back in the day. I should have taken the advice from the one movie, but sadly I had to find out for myself.

Caught your blog through the random selector "next blog" at the top of my own blog. It's a pity I have to punch it a hundred times before I finally find one worth spending some time on.

I like your style. I like the fact you are not hiding behind some cutesy nom de plume. I like your honest in your face style.

Your post on security cameras was great. Why is it we have been hoodwinked that all law enforcement efforts are attempts to "prevent crime". When indeed they are more often than not just after the fact clean up actions and used to punish the perps. Yeah, putting addicts in jail is a sure way to keep em from doing drugs.

Keep up the good writing. I have stuffed your link in my favorites file. And I even think you have jogged a prompt loose for me to post myself. Thanks.

BTW - sorry about the long winded comment, but hey, the empty space just kept coming and when I see empty space, I just have to fill it. I am if nothing else, a good American.

Todd Krohn said...

MRMacrum: Thanks for the comment (you can't be too long-winded around here), and thanks for reading.

Re Sinatra: I agree about Manchurian Candidate. That's a powerful, terrifying film still today.