Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Wall

Last week I had the opportunity to attend Roger Waters' The Wall Live tour at its Atlanta stop. As I've mentioned previously on this blog, Waters is one of my favorite artists going back to childhood when, in 1979, Pink Floyd's The Wall was released.

Fundamentally about adolescence and alienation, Waters has re-conceptualized the live shows from 1980 (performed in only four cities) into a career magnum opus in 2010.

While the personal themes of alienation, childhood, war and angst are still there, now we have the Wall as metaphor and allegory for other such weighty topics: nationalism, fascism, sexism, domestic abuse, religion, Big Media, a brain-dead culture, celebrity worship, corporatization (I loved the "iProfit" "iLead" "iFollow" wolves and sheep parody), consumerism, racism, and so forth. It was a sociological tour de force from start to finish.

It was also unbelievably entertaining. Giant inflatable puppets, a 240' wide x 40' high wall built across Phillips Arena, an airplane crash, and the Floyd flying pig. The sheer spectacle of the show was technologically brilliant, and the musicians superb.

Here's a clip of Another Brick in the Wall (part II). Education is a topic I write about constantly here, and while the value of a good education can't be underestimated, we certainly "don't need no education" the likes of which we have today.

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