Friday, August 27, 2010

Smoke Break: Tears for Fears, "Woman in Chains"

I saw TFF last night at Chastain and had a great time. One of the many highlights was this song, featuring Michael Wainwright singing the parts of Oleta Adams (bonus irony: the drummer in the video isn't the drummer on the song; that's none other than the ubiquitous 80's icon Phil Collins on skins).

From a sociological angle, I knew the song was about domestic violence, objectification and abusive relationships, but I stumbled upon this quote from Roland Orzabal from back in the day:

"I was reading some feminist literature at the time and I discovered that there are societies in the world still in existence today that are non-patriarchal. They don't have the man at the top and the women at the bottom. They're matricentric - they have the woman at the centre and these societies are a lot less violent, a lot less greedy and there's generally less animosity... but the song is also about how men traditionally play down the feminine side of their characters and how both men and women suffer for it.... I think men in a patriarchal society are sold down the river a bit - okay, maybe we're told that we're in control but there are also a hell of a lot of things that we miss out on, which women are allowed to be".
It doesn't get more sociological than that. Not exactly party music, but sometimes life ain't a party. Enjoy yer weekend (and many thanks to TFF for such a great show).

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