Monday, May 31, 2010

Gulf Oil Blog

UGA's Marine Sciences department has a new blog operating (Gulf Oil Blog) which includes live posting from the "City of Ships" created where the leak continues to spew. From a previous post:

Our objective is to conduct a comprehensive, interdisciplinary study of the deepwater plumes that were discovered on the Pelican cruise two weeks ago . We will be further documenting the plume’s distribution as well as measuring microbial activity and a suite of geochemical constituents.
Reports from over the weekend suggest oil could continue pouring in the Gulf until August, when two "relief wells" will be ready. At that rate, and given the delays expected by the hurricane season, the projected total amount of oil floating around in the Gulf could reach 2.3 million barrels.

As this calamity unfolds, the Gulf Oil Blog should be required reading.

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