Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Oh, Snip!

New Jersey Sees Rise in Vasectomies Because of Recession:

Amid a tough economy, a record number of men are controlling family expenses with a quick trip to their urologist.

Yes, vasectomies are on the rise.

"My suspicion is that it’s due to economic changes," said urologist Eric Seaman of Associates in Urology, West Orange, whose vasectomy practice has seen a 50 percent jump in the past year. "Families look at their situation and make decisions. They say, ‘I can have two kids, but I can’t afford three.’"

Er, hang on a minute, I'm sorry be all juvenile here, but as Jay pointed out over at Montclair, did the same thing catch your eye above, about the urologist's name? Dr. Seaman?

Continue, teacher...

While the rise of the dual-income family means both husband and wife are under pressure to cover the family bills, Rutgers sociologist Kristen Springer notes men may feel that pressure more acutely.

"That masculine ideal of being able to provide for your children, provide for your family, is still true," she said.

In addition, she noted this recession — unlike previous ones — has taken a greater toll on traditionally male jobs, particularly those in the construction field.

"Men are being harder hit," she said.

Like you wouldn't believe.

But I wonder, how much of vasectomy, or resistance to vasectomy, is tied up in masculinity? The article notes a burgeoning, cottage industry of "Real Men Get Snipped" literature, suggesting that getting a vasectomy, at least at some point, was seen as an emasculating event.

So it would seem that if loss of job = emasculation, and vasectomy = emasculation, the last thing an unemployed male would do is head to the urologist for a snip.

Or am I missing something (so to speak)?

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