Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Don't Drink and Text

Not only will you over-use the word "dude", you are also likely to end up on this website Party School Texts.

University of Florida Students Rank Party Schools by Drunk Texts:

Which college is really the No.1 party school? A group of students at the University of Florida say you need only look at the drunk text messages sent at each college to find out.

Four Florida students, along with one student at Santa Fe College, started Party School Texts, a Web site where students post text messages that they sent or received while partying (not surprisingly, it includes profanity). Based on the number and quality of texts from each school, the Web site generates a list of the top five party schools.

The text messages are listed by college, and they're overwhelmingly about alcohol and sex. Visitors to the site can give each post a positive "Rock Star" vote or negative "LAME-O" vote. Each positive vote gives the college a point, and each negative one takes a point away. The number of points each college accumulates determines its party-school ranking.

Dude! It's funny to see the Chronicle of Higher Education, which should really know better, get punked on this. Trying to make academic legitimacy out of what is basically a smut site which serves as an excuse to post juvenile texts about drinking and sex?

The Chronicle's first clue this is not grounded in any kind of real methodology whatsoever should have been the inclusion of such esteemed "party schools" like Georgia Tech and SMU in the sample. I mean, dude!

Meanwhile, a brief read through these alleged texts finds some disappointing themes: that stripper poles and pole dancing are still big on college campuses, that objectifying women earns you "mad props" amongst your buddies, and that date rape is absolutely the funniest thing ever. Dude!

Let's hope all of that "today's youth are tomorrow's future" stuff doesn't apply to these people. Or the Chronicle of Higher Ed, for that matter.

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