Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Psychiatry and Social Control

Revision to the Bible of Psychiatry to Introduce New Mental Disorders:

Children who throw too many tantrums could be diagnosed with "temper dysregulation with dysphoria." Teenagers who are particularly eccentric might be candidates for treatment for "psychosis risk syndrome." Men who are just way too interested in sex face being labeled as suffering from "hypersexual disorder."

These are among dozens of proposals being unveiled Wednesday by the American Psychiatric Association in the first complete revision since 1994 of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, or "DSM" -- the massive tome that has served as the bible for modern psychiatry for more than half a century.

Joy. The bio-medical view of social behavior, like mold, continues to envelop all aspects of society.
Critics fear the new diagnoses could unnecessarily stigmatize many people and lead to the unnecessary use of psychiatric medications that can sometimes produce serious side effects.

"By massively pathologizing people under these categories, you tend to put them on an automatic path to medication, even if they are experiencing normal distress," said Jerome C. Wakefield, a professor of social work and psychiatry at New York University.

Among the concerns are proposals to create "risk syndromes" in the hopes that early diagnosis and treatment will stave off the full-blown conditions. For example, the proposals would create a "psychosis risk syndrome" for people who have mild symptoms found in psychotic disorders, such as "excessive suspicion, delusions and disorganized speech or behavior."

"There will be adolescents who are a little odd and have funny ideas, and this will label them as pre-psychotic," said Robert Spitzer, a professor of psychiatry at Columbia University, who has been one of the most vocal critics of the DSM revision process.

Others expressed concern about the proposals to create new conditions such as "temper dysregulation with dysphoria," or TDD. Supporters say it is intended to counter a huge increase in the number children being treated for bipolar disorder by creating a more specific diagnosis, though critics argued that it would only compound the problem of overtreatment.

"They are close to treating the children like guinea pigs. I think that's appalling and outrageous," said Christopher Lane, author of "Shyness: How Normal Behavior Became a Sickness." "The APA should be moving to prevent such controversial practices, not encouraging them, as it is doing here."

In addition to classifying the symptoms of grief that many people experience after the death of a loved one as "depression," the proposals include adding "binge eating" and "gambling addiction" as bona fide psychiatric conditions; they also raise the possibility of making "Internet addiction" a future diagnosis. Some critics questioned the proposal to create a "hypersexual disorder."

"How many people with just healthy sex drives will be given that label?" First said.

I'd insert one of my cryptic LOL's right here, but there's just nothing funny about this slippery slope of social control.

While I applaud some of the changes (such as removing "bi-polar" as a diagnosis for any child), its replacement "temper dysregulation" is just another category by which we stigmatize and medicate a child who isn't conforming to social norms.

In fact, when you read through several of the proposed changes for "Disorders Usually First Diagnosed in Infancy, Childhood and Adolescence" on the DSM-V website, the guinea pig charge Lane makes above seems confirmed. Some of the hilariously defined pathologies and their symptoms, none of which can be measured or proven scientifically, read like a what's what of "bad behavior" that adults just won't put up with in children or teens.

Things such as Oppositional Defiance Disorder (aka, "the f**k you syndrome"), Rumination Disorder (not related to wistfulness or nostalgia), and Callous and Unemotional Conduct Disorder (which includes the all-encomassing "does not express feelings or show emotions except in ways that seem shallow or superficial,") seem designed to pull more and more kids into the psychiatric-industrial complex.

Take a look around yourself when you get a chance. While there are some serious disorders and/or problems being addressed in the revision, many of these, particularly as they relate to kids and teens, are just (irony alert) crazy.

In fact, the over-pathologizing of kids is more frightening than anything these kids might be doing.

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Temporary Chemist said...

Given the moral depravity and corruption of those in power (politicians, lawyers and generally those members of the social elite that you refer to as 'The Power Elite'), it is not surprising that a Totalitarian approach is being taken by Psychiatrists with the aim of entrapping more people into the Psychiatric-Industrial Complex (actually, this should be termed the Military-Psychiatric-Industrial Complex as these methods of determining 'mental illness' were first experimentally tested upon Soldiers, significant numbers of whom committed suicide rather than face the barrage of psychiatric treatment that was forced upon them in the military). This, however, should be seen organically, and in context with what can only be termed a demonic social power structure that aims to take those who are different, or whose political views are not the same as the power elite, and victimise or punish them. The only difference now being that children can be forcibly medicated for showing what, in the VAST majority of cases will be, a minor deviation from the social norm. Psychiatry reveals its truly horrifying links to the genocidal philosophies of Nazism at its clearest when the true purport of these ideas comes into focus. Anyhow, further looking at the organic social control and social engineering ends of Psychiatry (yes, Psychiatry is more Orwellian than you think), one can view the reasons for why Politicians tolerate Psychiatry as being related to its Political Control aspects. Don't like someone going to Protests? Don't like those with a different Political viewpoint or opinion to yourself? Don't worry - you can section them off, or have them forcibly medicated by the Social Control Political Commissars of the world of Psychiatry. Once the relationship between The Commisars of the Communist System and the Psychiatrists of Western Systems becomes clear, it is difficult not to draw parallels between the methods and means of the two of them. Often, in the West, you will find homophobic, anti-migrant, anti-poor, anti-black right wing nutjobs who would rather shove everyone into a Gulag (or crematorium) than let bygones be bygones. Psychiatry is one of the most dangerous hidden veils of prejudices, pseudoscience and quackery that you can find in the modern era, and the relations between Politics and Psychiatry are truly diabolical, with individuals having their mental health negatively portrayed due to their political or social beliefs. That Psychiatry as strongly atheistic roots makes it diametrically opposed to religion in any form. The cooperation of Psychiatry with the political power structure and the political elite shows, from the judeo-Christian perspective, that Psychiatry is opposed to natural law rights and is, for want of a better phrase, evil in its machinations. Psychiatry is not reliant upon Scientific falsifiability, or falsification of theories via experimental testing, but it has evolved over the centuries to oppress the poor, dominate the working class, and generally dictate the terms and power structure of people's lives for whoever happened to be in power at the time. Under the Nazis, Psychiatry was used to help eliminate or control political opponents, and in the West, nearly every marginalised group in Society has at some point historically been at the receiving end of Psychiatric abuse.