Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Power-Elite at 10,000

Sometime today this blog will roll past the 10,000 mark on the hit counter. That's 10,000 visitors since going online in August, 2007. In fact, it took me the first year just to reach 1,500 hits, and since then the traffic has been rapidly increasing each month (we're now averaging 36 hits a day, 250+ per week). I know it's a long way from the Single A's to the Majors (some of the biggest blogs generate 10,000 readers a day), but we're on the way.

Thanks to all of you who read regularly, who have surfed in from Google, or wherever your final destination may take you.


Jay Livingston said...

Way to go. But if you're using Google Analytics, that may be an undercount (I don't know about other counters). It misses the readers who are using RSS feeds or blog aggregators. Also, you can use Google Reader to check on how many subscribers like this you have.

Jay Livingston said...

PS. As I discovered recently, if you want to increase blog traffic, at least temporarily, write something negative about guns or positive about gun control. The gunslingers will ride in en masse like the posse in a Western

Todd Krohn said...

Jay, I was surprised (but not really) your post on guns produced that much vitriol. You'd think by now, with SCOTUS having forever enshrined the individual's 2nd amendment right in the Heller case, the fear of gun control would have abated.

It was even funnier when my comment, about the failure of our surveillance society to track the Ft. Hood shooter, was interpreted as being some granola, anti-gun point. I would have argued the point but I don't generally argue with anonymous comments.

I use Sitemeter on this blog, which seems pretty accurate. It separates the visitors from the page views and does indicate the RSS feeds. But I'll definitely check out Google Reader.

I also forgot to thank Think Progress, which picked up a few of my posts last month and provided a good 3-400 hit pop.