Monday, April 20, 2009

Stand for Something

Or You Will Fall For Anything:

Last week, the [Atlanta Journal-Constitution] newspaper announced that Ms. [Cynthia] Tucker would move to Washington, continuing to write her Pulitzer Prize-winning column, but not working on editorials and not setting the paper’s official stance on issues. In fact, most of the editorial board will be replaced in May, a move that could create a different — and perhaps less liberal — voice for one of the country’s leading regional papers.

Ms. Tucker and three others will leave the board, but will continue to write their columns. The paper’s editor, Julia Wallace; the senior managing editor, James Mallory; and the publisher, Doug Franklin, will join the editorial board, a role they did not play before. Andre Jackson, who joined the board last year, will become the editorial editor. In addition, the paper recently hired two conservative columnists.
On the surface, it seems like this is the correct move since moving to the right would be more reflective of metro Atlanta's readership. The only problem is, the paper won't admit this is what they're doing. Instead, we get pablum such as this from the managing editor, Julia Wallace.

Ms. Wallace said she expected the board to continue in the direction set in the last year or so, publishing fewer editorials, and avoiding hot-button ideological issues.

“We have moved to a different kind of editorial that’s much more about community issues and less about, ‘let me opine on national issues,’ ” she said.

The new board members have not made their political views public. Asked about her own, Ms. Wallace said, “I want to be about making Atlanta a better place.”
LOL. I am so glad they stop delivery to the Athens area starting next Sunday. Good night, and good luck.

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