Friday, December 5, 2008

O.J.: 33 Years at the Cross Bar Hilton

Simpson Sentenced to at least 9 Years in Prison:

LAS VEGAS — O.J. Simpson, the one-time football great who was acquitted in perhaps the most-watched murder trial of the 20th century, was sentenced Friday to a minimum of nine years in prison for his role in a 2007 raid on a Las Vegas hotel room in which two collectibles dealers were robbed of a trove of sports memorabilia.

Shortly before the sentence, Mr. Simpson, wearing a blue prison jumpsuit, his arms handcuffed in front of him, made a surprise statement in which he told Judge Jackie Glass of Clark County District Court: “I didn’t want to hurt anybody. I didn’t know I was doing anything wrong.”“I stand before you somewhat confused,” Mr. Simpson, his voice breaking, said in the rambling statement in which he uttered the word “sorry” at least four times.

Four of Mr. Simpson’s accomplices pleaded guilty and testified against him at the trial here, which played out like a very low-key echo of his circuslike trial in Los Angeles in 1995. Even the sentencing drew only a small cadre of publicity-seeking figures, including, appropriately for Las Vegas, an Elvis Presley impersonator.
LOL. How appropriate. Simpson was actually sentenced to 33 years, but the statutory minimums are supposedly nine. I'm not sure what Nevada's parole scheme is, but I'd be surprised if he ended up doing half the nine, frankly.
The prosecutor, District Attorney David Roger, said he did not think Mr. Simpson would be isolated from the rest of the prison population, and Mr. Simpson’s lawyer Gabriel Grasso indicated that he had not been separated from other inmates in the Clark County Detention Center.
It's much more difficult to segregate inmates in jail than in prison, and I would also be surprised if Simpson didn't serve out his most of his time in PC once he transfers into a Nevada prison.

At the end of the day, no one really cares anymore about O.J. Simpson, and that's probably how it should be. But like the Terminator or some other c-grade movie he may have appeared in back in the day, I'm sure "he'll be back."

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