Friday, October 24, 2008

Update on Troy Anthony Davis

I mentioned below the growing call for postponement of the execution of Georgia death row inmate Troy Davis. The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta has issued a stay.

The federal appeals court in Atlanta on Friday stayed the execution of Troy Anthony Davis, who was scheduled to be put to death by lethal injection Monday evening.

“Upon our thorough review of the record, we conclude that Davis has met the burden for a stay of execution,” the court said in a ruling issued by Judges Joel Dubina, Rosemary Barket and Stanley Marcus.

On Friday, the court said the stay of execution is conditional. Davis must make a showing he can meet the “stringent requirements” to pursue another round of appeals, the decision said.

The court directed Davis’ lawyers to file a legal brief on their arguments within 15 days. The state Attorney General’s Office has another 10 days to respond.

Whether he ultimately prevails will remain to be seen, but for now his execution set for Monday is off.


Zaid at UGA said...

Not necessarily related to the troy davis case (though i did write a column monday about the case inflammatory enough to provoke two days worth of letters about it keeping the issue in people's minds), but I was confused about the median income question.

According to that, it looks like median income's around 66,000 in the US. Isn't that kind of between 75k and 50k which were answer choices on the test?

Todd Krohn said...

You're right, not really related to the Davis case, but the answer is here:

Approximately $50,233 for 2006/2007. The link you provided is Census median income adjusted for LIHEAP (Low Income Household Energy Assistance Program).