Tuesday, August 5, 2008

What Happens In Vegas, Stays In Vegas

Like perhaps O.J. Simpson. Since we have a few more weeks of summer (until the semester starts), I thought I'd keep the topics a bit light and revisit an "old friend" from last September.

O.J. co-defendant appeals for separate trial:

LAS VEGAS (AP) -- O.J. Simpson's last remaining co-defendant in an armed robbery and kidnapping case is asking the Nevada Supreme Court for a separate trial, saying if they are tried together he would be unfairly convicted.

Clarence ''C.J.'' Stewart's lawyer says the armed robbery and kidnapping charges in Las Vegas are all about Simpson.

Stewart is one of five men who accompanied Simpson during a confrontation in September with two sports memorabilia dealers at a casino hotel room. Simpson says he was retrieving items stolen from him.

Another former co-defendant, Charles Ehrlich, pleaded guilty Monday to reduced felony charges and agreed to testify against the Hall of Fame football player. He's the fourth former co-defendant to take a plea deal and agree to testify.

Things don't look too good for the Juice, but I'd still wager that his trial this fall, while not "the trial of the century" from 1995, will certainly produce its share of media saturation coverage. And the backdrop, Vegas itself, will no doubt add to the circus.

Interestingly, while out in Vegas a few weeks ago, a friend of mine who lives there told me that the Palace Station Casino memorabilia room, where the alleged armed robbery went down, has become a tourist attraction, though I never made it over there to confirm.

But from my limited survey of friends and acquaintances there, Las Vegans don't seem too plussed by the possible spectacle of an O.J. trial. When I asked if O.J. is convicted and incarcerated in Nevada, would it give further credence to the Vegas motto above, one friend just smirked and said, "It'll be good for business, trust me."

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