Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Christian Parenti

So I decided to change my "sociologist of the month" feature over on your left to a "sociologist of the semester" since I've been so lax in changing it regularly (Edwin Schur and Jack D. Douglas have been featured so far).

Christian Parenti is a sociologist and journalist who has written on a variety of topics, both nationally and internationally, over the past decade. Parenti first came to my attention when I received a copy of "Lockdown America" back in 2000, and I was so taken with it that I assigned the book regularly in Criminology for several years after that.

That's why I was pleased to learn he's updated and revised "Lockdown" for a second edition, slated for publication in July of this year. I will definitely be picking it up and students may expect to see it again next year.

I've also read Parenti's work on surveillance ("The Soft Cage") and on Iraq ("The Freedom"), the latter of which documents Parenti's observations and analysis while embedded with the military during the early years of the Iraq War. It remains, imo, one of the pivotal explorations of the occupation of Iraq from a ground level point of view.

I highly encourage you check out the recommended reading links to these books over on the left, as well as perusing Parenti's online journal articles.

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