Saturday, March 8, 2008

Back To Prison For Campbell

Apparently, we here at TPE weren't the only ones surprised to find former Atlanta Mayor Bill Campbell already in a Halfway House, following the completion of a drug-treatment program. The BOP decided to send him back to prison.

ATLANTA — The Federal Bureau of Prisons has extended the prison term of former Mayor Bill Campbell of Atlanta, a spokeswoman confirmed Friday, a week after news reports questioned his participation in an early release drug treatment program.

Lawyers for Mr. Campbell, who was convicted of tax evasion, told the judge who sentenced him in 2006 that their client had “no health or substance abuse problems.” Nonetheless, prison officials admitted him to a wait-listed drug treatment program, which allowed him to shave more than three months off his 30-month sentence. His sentence was also reduced by four additional months for good behavior.

Participating in the rehab program allowed Mr. Campbell to move in December to a halfway house in Miami, where he had a job and was able to go home on the weekends.

Last week, prison officials said he was expected to be released in June. But Traci Billingsley, a spokeswoman for the Bureau of Federal Prisons, confirmed Friday that Mr. Campbell had been moved from the halfway house to the federal correctional facility in Miami and that his expected release date had been moved back to October.

As I noted in the roundup Wednesday, substance abuse programs are necessary and can help inmates who really need the help and who want to change. But the idea that some inmates, with no history of substance abuse problems, can participate in these programs in order to "work the system" is something that needs to be reigned in.

Nice to see the BOP cracking down on such things.

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