Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Sexual Harassment Petition

In response to last week's lurid revelations of sexual harassment incidences at UGA, a group of concerned faculty and staff (including my colleague Dr. Patricia Richards) has put together an online petition calling for further steps to eradicate this kind of behavior.

As the group notes in an email, "A number of concerned faculty and staff felt that a strong public statement of condemnation was needed in response to these events, as well as a call for better enforcement of our existing anti-harassment policies. This provided the impetus for the petition."

You can sign the petition here (anonymously as well, if you so choose).

I would also echo the call for a better enforcement/investigatory mechanism to be put into place. I was unaware that the Department of Legal Affairs, whose primary responsibility is to protect the university from legal liabilities, was the agency charged with investigating and enforcing the anti-harassment policy against university employees. This seems a dubious conflict of interest, to say the least.

And while we're at it, we may need a strong statement and/or petition against university professors allegedly beating up graduate students as well.

It hasn't been a good week in the "salt mines", to say the least.

UPDATE: President Adams responds positively to online petition.

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