Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Crack is Wack

Remember those old PSA's from the 1980's? Apparently the U.S. Sentencing Commission agrees with Monday's Supreme Court decision that the laws and sentencing regarding crack are indeed wack, and have ruled thusly:

"The U.S. Sentencing Commission voted unanimously yesterday to give federal inmates incarcerated for crack cocaine offenses a chance to reduce their sentences, paving the way for about 3,800 prisoners to petition for an early release in the next year. According to an analysis by the commission, 19,500 inmates will be eligible to petition the courts to reduce their sentences.

"The commission's vote came a day after the Supreme Court decided that federal district judges are not bound by commission guidelines that created a large disparity in punishments meted out to crack and powder cocaine offenders. The 7 to 2 decision cut across the court's typical ideological divide."

I'm sure from an administrative standpoint there will be much gnashing of teeth over the paper-work nightmare these decisions have created. But all in all, the decisions will offer parity to an area of the law and sentencing, regarding crack cocaine, that has long been out of, er, wack.

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