Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Wishful Thinking

Flush That Rumor: UGA is Staying Open:

"The University of Georgia does not plan to shut down because of water shortages, despite what hovering helicopter parents or hopeful students might have heard, school officials said Monday.

"As rumors of closing the school, or even canceling home football games, spread in the last couple of weeks, moms and dads flooded the university — and local media outlets — with phone calls. "UGA spokesman Tom Jackson said it's simply not true. [But] even with reassurance, the rumor mill still hasn't, er, run dry.

[insert groan here]

"Some students were really excited," said UGA student Stephanie Allerdice. "You know how it is, anything to get out of going to class, especially here in Georgia, where snow days are rare."

And tests aren't.

Seriously, while we all need to do our part regarding water conservation, etc., let's not get swept up into a state of what sociologists call "social contagion" (
a process by which a disease, behavior, or mood transmits from one person to the next) and mass hysteria over the drought.

October is the driest month of the year in the southeast and very little rain will fall to make up the deficit until the winter.

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